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Feed Us 4 Game

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Feed Us 4

screen1One of most dangerous fishes continues its story in the game of “Feed Us 4″. The story of a blood thirsty piranha begins from being transported on a plane over the river of Amazon. The fish feels that it needs to get out of the jail where it put and creates flood on plane by braking its glass jail. As a result plane crashes and the passengers find themselves in the river , with already freed, seeking for revenge and food , piranha.Now playing as piranha, main thing is find food and there are several opportunities for this. Attack the plane passengers in the water or sink boats for new victims, hunt swimming fish or divers searching for treasure. The hunting has a time limit of 60 seconds per try. Each try has certain objective to fulfill , and if not met the try is considered to be failed. Whatever you do, you collect blood for your blood meter which can open upgrades for your piranha in future.

The results of tries don`t affect on your upgrades, so if you managed to get 8 on your blood meter, you will have the same amount on your next try. Upgrade system can turn your small piranha into real monster- maximize number and size of jaws or increase your speed by improving tail. No matter what you do , the fish get scarier. Upgrades also allow you to give a birth to small piranhas , which will help you to create small army and attack even more efficiently.
Sounds great? Yet it`s not that easy. Piranha will be hunted by larger, even scarier fish, pushed by feeling of hunger. In addition there will be mines awaiting down in the river, where chest with precious time are hidden, and a submarine constantly trying to free Amazon of danger. In other words don`t be relaxed or you will be caught again. Also, if you love playing shooting game I suggest visiting or where you can find the best shooters online
The game is really addictive and can be a perfect time killer. Play “Feed Us 4″. Explore the underwater world of Amazon, which from the beginning might seen to be small, but as your explore the world, it`s not that tiny. Finish the objectives and feed your piranha (16+)!